Make Juniper Downloads Go Fast

Juniper software downloads come from a Really Weird CDN. It's not very good. It caches, and the fill from the upstream servers is really slow. Here in New Zealand, if the software image is not in the cache - if it's new, or if it's not super popular - it goes at about 10mbit/s.

I've set up a proxy server in Oregon to help with this. It only accepts connections for and only HTTPS.

curl --proxy -o <filename>

Get the URL from the download page - the one that says "To download the image directly on your device, use the following URL:". Copy that, that's the bit.
The filename can be whatever you want, but you probably want it to match the Juniper one. Remove the < and > symbols.

Nathan Ward

ps. I did this while bored waiting for software to download.